• Tuesday, March 10, 2015
This is the final notice and update on the migration of our FL Server.

As per our previous announcement the resource upgradation of FL Server to our new SSD based hybrid setup, we are proud to announce that the move of all account and data has been completed.
If you are using our namservers or have registered private nameserver with us, there are no changes that needs to be done from your end as the DNS will point to the new server automatically.
If you have a dedicated IP assigned to your account, please login to your cPanel and identify the new IP that has been assigned.

If you do notice outdated content on your website, please get in touch with us as we may need to remigrate your account to ensure that you have the latest copy of your website post the migration period.
Further, if you are seeing any issues or problems please get back to us at the earliest, we will be discarding the old server in the next 72 hours and we will not be able to remigrate your account after this. The login details stay the same.

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